Jan Cavelle by Michael Northcroft

The biggest news within the Interior Design world this year is Michael Northcroft, world renowned Furniture Designer and Manufacturer, has taken over Jan Cavelle since the company went into administration this January.  Both of these design houses are two of the largest British Furniture Designers and Manufacturers in the UK. The news has captivated the Interior Design world.


“I was so concerned to hear that Jan Cavelle was to close. My company Michael Northcroft has built to a leading British brand based on high quality UK manufacture. As we are leaving the EU I feel it’s even more important that this country not only designs but makes beautiful products too. I have purchased the intellectual rights from Jan Cavelle and we are now making their furniture as well as our designs. Jan Cavelle by Michael Northcroft is very much alive and well. I am seeing world class quality coming through for delivery. The designs of Jan Cavelle are beautiful and making them to the highest standard is such a joy.”

  • Michael Northcroft, January 2017


For the last 30 years, Jan Cavelle Furniture has been every interior designer’s best kept secret, however the manufacturing process over the past couple of years was not meeting the high standards required for their clients. This resulted in the company going into administration and therefore being put up for sale. When Jan Cavelle was at their peak, they were providing stylish solutions for every furniture requirement, in a cost effective way within fast lead times.


jan cavelle by michael northcroft


Over the past several decades, the British furniture industry has been suffering from a demise in authentic manufacturing and design processes. This is one of the core philosophies behind Michael Northcroft, and is the main reason behind why we are dedicated to keeping the Jan Cavelle furniture brand alive and rejuvenating it back to its best self under a new brand called ‘Jan Cavelle by Michael Northcroft’.


With having one of the best equipped large-scale furniture workshops in the UK, we are the perfect company to take over this established brand. We are focusing on producing Jan’s designs to the best quality possible and has a talented team of experience furniture makers from all over Europe to make sure this is possible.


Michael will also continue to manufacture his own designs under the Michael Northcroft brand, all of his own work can be seen here – www.michaelnorthcroft.com.


Explore the new Jan Cavelle by Michael Northcroft pieces here at www.jancavellefurniture.com.


Images courtesy of Phoenix Interior Design.