Mr Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

City Hall, The Queens Walk
London SE1 2AA

6th June 2016


Dear Mayor of London,


Re London’s new Routemaster buses


Congratulations on your election as London’s Mayor. It’s a very big job so I hope you find time to consider the matter raised in this letter.


As leading designers and manufacturers in London we celebrate the introduction of the new London bus. It is the first modern bus that has been designed in our view. It is an iconic branding that sets London on a different level to other cities. The alternative ‘brick on wheels’ seem poor cousins of the new iconic London bus.


We urge you to continue the programme of extending these beautiful buses throughout London’s bus fleet. We propose that a design competition should be launched to design beautiful single decker buses and new London taxi cabs too. Life in London can and should be inspirational. We are a unique city and life here is enhanced for all by strong visual design. The criticism of engine efficiency and non opening windows are areas where the ‘Khan Mk 2 Routemaster’ can resolve those issues.


The higher cost of designed buses is well worth paying. We note the creative use of these buses by major brands. It all adds to the appeal of London to visitors and residents alike.We wish you well in your demanding job and hope that the design inspiration in these highly visible British designed and made buses will not be killed off.


Kindest regards,


Michael Northcroft