2018 Furniture Trends
Michael Northcroft Blonde Okapi High Gloss

We speak to Marta Vega, Design Director of Michael Northcroft, about her top furniture trends predicted for 2018.


1. Colour


We are finally stepping away from the endless grey. We will still use it as a neutral base but pops of colour are coming back stronger. We will see more accent pieces in intense hues; reds, deep blues, jewel tones.



2. Organic Patterns


Bold patterns have been present for a while, especially geometric ones. We will still look for statement finishes but organic shapes, not as regimental will appear looking at nature for inspiration


Argento Sideboard by Michael Northcroft


3. Brass


Brass has started to appear recently and it is making its great come back now. In its polished and brushed forms, brass is slowly taking the throne off chrome fittings and waving good bye to copper.



4. Dark Wood


We are seeing a tendency towards dark finishes, walnut, wenge, Macassar and even blacks. It is a shift away from the Scandinavian look we have seen a lot in the previous years.



5. Drama


We have been noticing more dark and moody interiors instead of pristine whites. With pools of warm lighting, darker colours and bold shapes create a cosier and dramatic look which invites you to stay longer. We will be looking for intimate rooms to rest and glam pieces to make a statement.



6. Mixed Materials


Contrasting finishes, high gloss lacquers with natural wood, bold patterns, metal details, grey glass and antique mirrors…



7. A Twist on Traditional Techniques



As our lives become more reliant to technology and products are mass produced more and more, our desire for traditional crafts and bespoke items increases. We will look for furniture tailored to our homes and our needs with special details that reflect our personality. We still want a contemporary look but these techniques allow us to customise them to our taste.


8. Suede And Velvet



Hygge is still present and relevant but we are starting to see a more sophisticated side of it. We are talking delicate materials like suede coverings and velvet upholstery. It is all about comfort in its most elegant form.