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The Team

All Michael Northcroft furniture is designed and made in our extensive London studios and workshops. We take great care in selecting the finest materials so waste is kept as low as possible at all stages of our furniture making.


Designing and making furniture that is made to last is central to our ethos. Having a sound knowledge of good construction and an eye for detail ensures that the carbon footprint of our furniture is minimised, whilst ensuring a long life for each piece of furniture. The long life of our furniture reduces needless raw material consumption, freight and packaging. All our raw materials are approved personally by Michael and James Northcroft to ensure we source from sustainable sources where our values are understood and respected.


We only use responsibly harvested timbers from temperate regions. Many tropical timbers are too precious so we never source from those areas of the world.


All of us have a deep respect and appreciation of every piece of timber and the amazing materials we use to make our furniture. That care means that we work to preserve every valued piece of the materials we use.


All our timber comes from FSE (Forest Stewardship Certification) sources. We comply with the chain of custody EU regulations to ensure we can trace the supply of the timbers we use from forest to our workshops.


As UK manufacturers we have a high inspection and regulatory framework that we work to. That coupled with our specialised knowledge and working practices ensure that all our furniture conforms to and exceeds the requirements of UK and EU legislation.


We are a leading brand creating beautiful furniture. This means we have the expertise to encompass all aspects of our many environmental duties and care. Whether it is minimising waste, our vehicle movements or how we manage the rain water run off from our extensive workshops and studios, these are all part of the necessary and enjoyable  processes that we give so much attention to. 


Caring for the environment and respecting the individual needs and expectation of all our customers, suppliers as well as our  team at Michael Northcroft are central to what the Michael Northcroft brand stands for. This helps us to create beautiful furniture that I hope you love living with. 


Michael Northcroft


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