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Who We Are


We are British furniture designers and makers with an international reputation for excellence. All our furniture is designed and made at our extensive London factory and showrooms located near London's Olympic Park. 





I started designing and making furniture as a boy. I loved designing and creating beautiful furniture. I still do - perhaps more so now my work has grown into the largest high quality furniture design and furniture making company in the UK.


I find a purity in creating - it's what I do and what Michael Northcroft does. 

Company Profile
Managing Directors Michael Northcroft and James Northcroft


MANAGING DIRECTORS Michael Northcroft and James Northcroft 


I started the Michael Northcroft furniture design and manufacture company over thirty years ago. I wanted to create a company where design came first and where I could develop as a designer and furniture maker to fulfil my potential . 


Building the company has been an amazing journey. I have loved doing this and I am aware that the best of my career is still ahead of me. 


Now that the company is more mature I am very grateful to the wonderful people who dedicate themselves to making our designer furniture. My son James Northcroft has the responsibility of the day to day running of the company and shares the workload of running our creative company. His input gives us more possibilities and breadth.




Studying industrial design in my native Spain I discovered my true love for product design.

Ever since then I have wanted to make beautiful things.

I had mainly technical experience but working at Michael Northcroft gives me the opportunity to show my creativity. 

I aim for elegant and enduring design and I am very proud of what we do here.


Designers Michael Northcroft and Marta Vega
Designers: Michael Northcroft and Marta Vega



All our people are skilled and dedicated to creating beautiful furniture.


It takes many years to train and develop the highest levels of skill. Constant training and the quest to create excellence is what keeps us on our toes as individuals and as a company. 


We like people to build a long experience with our furniture making, so many of us have been creating at Michael Northcroft for decades. We have also attracted creative  and dedicated people from throughout UK and many other countries too. We are always looking for new people with skills and an aptitude who want to dedicate themselves to making luxury furniture.


Our exclusive furniture enhances the most luxurious homes in the world; we never forget that we are designing and creating for people. Our ethos is to design beautiful furniture which enhances the lives of those who choose to live with our furniture. 

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